How To Ask For A Raise

A proven, 6 step process to asking for a pay raise

Asking for a pay raise makes your palms sweat, your heart race and your brain freeze. What if your boss doesn't think you're worth it? What if it damages your working relationship? How do you even ask in the first place?

In this course, you'll learn the exact steps that will position you to effectively negotiate a pay raise while highlighting your value to the company you work for and keeping strong and positive working relationships with your boss and colleagues.

"Thank you for a great program to help me know just what to say and do!! It gave me the boost of confidence I needed and in turn the wages I requested right now. Plus, added on an additional 2 year plan for bumps to get me to the right spot over time to spread out the impact. They know what I'm worth and deserve and I'm in control."

- Ashley, NE

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the specific skills - and the exact steps - you need to successfully ask for a pay raise
  • Discover how to create goals that your employer wants to reward
  • Find out what you're worth
  • Produce evidence of your value
  • Assess the ideal time to ask
  • Get a proven strategy for your pay negotiation
  • Anticipate and respond to questions and possible objections
  • Know how to follow up after the initial discussion is over

We've included:

  • Over 80 minutes of video, including role play
  • Digital downloads to let you
    • Establish your goals
    • Keep track of your accomplishments
    • Conduct and present your salary research
  • Bonus FAQs to prepare you for common situations
  • Bonus segments on
    • Fine-tuning your communication
    • Understanding patterns of communication in yourself and your boss

You also get:

  • Free evaluation of your all-important ask, to make sure you've got it right.
  • The ability to ask (and get answers to) your questions within each module of the course

Course Curriculum

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  Figure Out What You Want
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  Gather The Facts
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Your Instructor

Jill Stelfox (with Petra Davidson)
Jill Stelfox (with Petra Davidson)

Jill Stelfox is often introduced as the woman who sold the biggest ever deal to the NFL. She's a former president of a five billion dollar tech company in Silicon Valley, California and has raised millions of dollars in venture capital for her own companies, returning over $1B to investors.

With co-instructor Petra Davidson, she digs in to exactly what employers and managers are looking for in a salary negotiation and delivers an intensely practical course that will set you up to have your next pay negotiation with confidence.

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